Full Product Line Available for Indian Scout FTR750

June 6, 2019 / by Rekluse Team

RadiusCX, Core Manual TorqDrive, TorqDrive, and clutch covers are now available for the Indian Scout FTR750. Developed in tandem with AFT Twins racers and mechanics including Jared Mees, Jeffery Carver/Ben Evans and Robbie Pearson/RJ Performance, these products are designed for and proven at the highest levels of racing. 

Jared Mees Red Mile - Credit American Flat Track, Scott Hunter

Photo Courtesy of American Flat Track, Scott Hunter

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RadiusCX is our flagship auto clutch that combines all our latest technologies into one package. Engine stalling is eliminated by the EXP (auto clutch disk) technology, allowing the rider to focus on their line and not the clutch. TorqDrive (thin friction disks) and Core (billet internal components) work together to move more oil through the clutch, improving clutch stability over wide temperature ranges. 

CoreManual TorqDrive


Core Manual TorqDrive utilizes TorqDrive (thin friction disk) and Core (billet internal component) technologies to fit 1 more friction disk into the clutch. This simultaneously increases the clutch's power transfer capability and virtually eliminates clutch fade. 

TorqDrive 1


TorqDrive also increases friction disk count by 1 over stock while reusing the OEM pressure plate and center hub. Replacement center hub drive pins are included to ensure optimal durability and lever modulation. 



This hard anodized billet clutch cover flexes less than the OEM cover, providing improved clutch lever modulation and cleaner disengagement. 

To learn more or place your order, contact your local dealer or Rekluse directly at 208-426-0659 or customerservice@rekluse.com.

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