Introducing Rekluse TorqDrive Clutch Packs

February 6, 2019 / by Rekluse Team

The next high performance manual clutch from Rekluse is here; introducing the TorqDrive Clutch Pack. Proven at the highest levels of racing, TorqDrive friction disk technology allows more disks to fit in a stock clutch’s footprint, decreasing slip, eliminating fade, and unlocking the full power of the engine. Riders feel improved acceleration, drive, and control. TorqDrive’s proprietary friction pad design aids oil flow and reduces drag. The result is clean disengagement at the lever, improved modulation, and improved clutch control. Whether setting track records or shredding a favorite trail, the TorqDrive Clutch Pack delivers the advantage riders are looking for.

TorqDrive friction disks utilize a steel core, while OEM disks use aluminum. When heated, steel expands less than half the amount of aluminum, virtually eliminating clutch fade. To protect and extend the life of the basket, TorqDrive includes steel lining sleeves to eliminate basket wear and notching (Note: basket sleeves not applicable to DDS or CSS equipped KTM/Husqvarna models).

Through years of research and testing, Rekluse has identified the best friction material for motorcycle applications with regard to functionality, grip and durability. This means the friction material can take more abuse than others before losing performance, lasting significantly longer than other clutch disks. Torque capacity is increased by an average of 25% while lever pull is decreased by an average of 10% (both figures vary by model).


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Written by Rekluse Team