Limited Time Offer: Rekluse Factory Formulated Oil

July 8, 2020 / by Rekluse Team

Have you tried Rekluse Factory Formulated Oil? Now through July 31st, we are extending a special offer. Read on to learn more about the offer and our  high performance oil line.

To help with your summer bike maintenance and celebrate riding season, we are extending a special offer of 20% off. 

Rekluse Factory Formulated Oil is the perfect complement to any OEM or aftermarket clutch.

  • Improved power transfer through the clutch
  • Smoother shifting
  • Longer clutch life
  • Designed for use in wet clutch systems 

Drawing upon 16 years of innovation and experience with clutches, this oil has been engineered and tested to ensure it meets our high performance standards. Learn more about the development and what sets it apart here.

Purchase on our website with discount code "Spideroil20" or through your participating local dealer. Orders can also be placed with our Customer Service Team at 208-426-0659 or

  • 10W-40 for 4-Stroke Engines (RMS-1099001)
  • 20W-50 for 2-Stroke Transmissions and 4-Stroke Engines (RMS-1099002)     
  • 20W-50 V-Twin Primary Oil (RMS-1099003)
Rekluse Factory Formulated Oil for off-road and V-Twin motorcycles
Rekluse's Factory Formulated Oil line is the result of years of clutch development experience.

Interested in checking out Rekluse clutches? See all your options here.

Rekluse Factory Formulated Oil meets JASO-MA2 standards, best for clutch performance. All three products meet API SL service category, meaning they are also high-quality engine oils.

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